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Stattys Notes

Environmental Information

Stattys Notes Material

The material used in Stattys Notes, consists of Polypropylene (PP). The foils are manufactured with a special technology that gives the products a long lasting electrostatic charge.

Polypropylene is widely used as a packaging material in the food and pharmaceutical industries. However, in the office supply industry, PP-foils are not very common yet.

Stattys products are ultra light, occupy little space and can be easily carried along. The white back- side of Stattys Notes can be used numerous times, if whiteboard markers are utilised. Repeated use of Stattys Notes is recommended.

- Mikko Mannila, CEO, Stattys of Finnovations GmbH

Stattys Notes displayed on a mirror
Statty Note PP5 material

Recycling PP5

Plastics NZ say: "Polypropylene* (“PP”) is a highly recyclable and sought after material in Aotearoa NZ with strong value and a corresponding end market. Many manufacturers are wanting to secure more NZ recycled polypropylene (“rPP”) rather than having to import it. Today, we still have PP being sold offshore in mixed bales as well as PP being sent to landfill"


Recycle your soft plastics the right way and help keep our land of the long white cloud, Aotearoa NZ, beautiful.


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